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Jump Up For Youth is situated on a steep hill just in Willunga South,South Australia. 

Yes , we Have Moved !

We work alongside horses with youth aged from 10-25. Sometimes younger, sometimes older lol That’s where the name change comes in. Myvinama Horse Skills .

Jump Up For Youth /Myvinama Horse Skills covers many areas  including life-skills, tolerance, self-confidence, hygiene and basic literacy and numeracy skills.

We also touch on many things like fence maintenance, gardening, composting and recycling. 

  We run to each participants requirements and tailor the program to suit each individual.

We DO NOT TEACH RIDING in our program.

Please email jumpupforyouth@gmail.com for further information


‘Franklin Levinson believes in this mission and endorses the work of Vicki Benson and Jump Up For Youth’



  1. I have a horse called Harry. Harry came to me from an abusive background and had and possibly still has trust issues. I took Harry along to Vicki to learn how to increase my bond with him. Through the teachings of Jump up for youth I have learnt that sometimes you need to let go in order to allow your equine friend to make up their own mind to want to be with you. I have learnt that you cannot force a living being to be your friend and if given time they will want to be near you.. Vicki’s teachings are gentle and reflect her personality and what she holds in her heart. She has made a huge difference in the way that I communicate with my furry friends. I am looking forward to the next chapter of learning under the guidance of Jump up for youth. Well done Vicki..

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